About Tal Kestenberg

I was born in New York City in 1991 and have lived here ever since. My introduction to chess came at a late age by today's standards.  When I was 18 my friend offered to play me a game and knowing the rules I thought I stood a good chance to win. He emerged victorious but the game sparked a passion in me. Ever since I have been an avid player, and I now enjoy the privilege of teaching others as well. In 2010 I began working at the famous 40 year old Village Chess Shop. Through careful observation, study and practice I began to hone my skills. Taking chess seriously I improved quickly, becoming a USCF expert within my first couple years of play. The shop used to host classes for children, and one day I was asked to fill in as a teacher. I very much enjoyed teaching , especially working with kids, and realized it was something I wanted to persue. I have been doing it for the past 5 years, and teaching has been very rewarding. I love to see my students learn, the ideas click, and my game improves too! Nowadays I run a chess team and after-school programs at the school I attended as a child, The United Nations International School (UNIS). One of the things I love about chess is that the greatest masters never learn everything, there is always something new. Its a never ending journey of self improvement, a path I'm proud to get students started on.

-Tal Kestenberg

A Letter of Recommendation by Grandmaster William J. Lombardy